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Black Jack

Blackjack, also called twenty-one, is a card game the goal of which is to obtain 21 points by adding up the value of the cards. The numeric cards are worth their face value, picture cards are worth 10 and Aces can be 11 or 1 depending on whether 11 would take the player over 21 in the score of their hand. If you get 21 points with only two cards, this is "blackjack" and you automatically win.

Players can bet on the empty spaces and on the hand of a another player with this person's consent, although they can't give them advice or instructions.
Bets must be made before the first card is played. Players can double their bets with the first two cards, in this case receiving a single additional card. Players who bet on the hand of another player are not obliged to double their bet.

Players can fold, losing half their bet, provided the croupier's first card is not an Ace and before the third card is dealt to the first player to ask for for it.
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